Liberation Invigoration Activation


3 Hammer sessions for you and your body

Hammer-Session - Detox, Vitalization, Activation - The inspiration to let go to prosperity and to sensuality

The inspiration to let go
to prosperity and
to sensuality


What inspiration is in store for you ? Which session do you want to experience ?

Detox - Session

The holistic Detox Session

Natural energetic detoxification, cleansing, purification and liberation.

The inspiration for letting go & for holistic health

The key to your material and subtle body


Natural & relaxing

Inspiration of the material and subtle body to release toxins, addictions, foreign energies, distraction implants, sigils and the sources of tension and disharmonies.

Duration: approx. 60-90 min
Investment: 333 Euro

EDeL Session

The golden EDeL session :
Energy Doping enhaces Lust of life

Personal energetic session to revitalize and raise vibration

The inspiration to receive
& to prosperity

The key to you and your creative energy


Personal energetic inspiration

Wellness treatment lying down

Upgrade for your lust for life, for your awareness and receiving of you and the lightness of abundance of life

Duration: approx. 60-90 min

Investment: 555 Euros

Activation session

The activationTHE RED Session

The energetic activation of the heart energy, love & love lust

The inspiration to love
& to sensuality

The key to your heart and magic


Personal energetic activation

Wellness treatment that envelops you with love and activates your heart energy.
Upgrade for your love ability and your sensual charisma

Duration: approx. 90 min
Investment : 444 Euro

Accompanying personal coaching and package offers on request

How colorful can your life be ?


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