Duality and polarity

Origin, nature and differences

Polarity and duality are not the same !

In the polarity is about complementary equal poles / opposites, which are in a natural balance with each other and where there is no right and wrong. (Male/Female, Yin/Yang, Activity/Passivity, North Pole/South Pole, Minus/Plus, Day/Night, Creation/Distruction, even Inhale/Exhale etc.. …)

Energetic refinement of body and living space by Hammer-Inspiration

Duality occurs when a natural balance is split or disturbed, creating right and wrong with evaluation. (Good and evil, right/wrong, success/failure, rich/poor, heaven/hell etc.)

The difference between duality and polarity in symbols by Hammer-Inspiration


Polarity has poles – Poles are forces or principles that are opposite to each other and yet related to each other.

Poles are opposites or opposites that cannot be entirely separated and need or complement each other.
Electricity consists of two poles, one negative and one positive. Similarly, a spinning ball has two poles – for example, north pole and south pole. They are always equal opposites.

However, it is not by chance so, but a basic principle of the creation dynamics, with which everything comes into movement and into flow. This creates a wave motion that creates space and energy at the same time. Wave motion is vibration and vibration is energy.

The basic principle of attraction-controlled repulsion and repulsion-controlled attraction is the conceptual basis and pattern of the universe, of physics, of chemistry, of life (physical, mental and spiritual).

Polarity works throughout the universe. On a small scale as well as on a large scale.


Duality occurs when a natural balance is split or disturbed and made good and evil or right and wrong with evaluation.

Opposites that are mutually exclusive

Duality exists when there are two opposites that are mutually exclusive. It is created by artificially splitting the unity, the balance of creation by separating it into positive and negative.

Creation of poles and tension through evaluation

With duality, we humans create ourselves poles artificially, so to speak, or at least unnaturally. We can create them through our consciousness and our creative powers by giving evaluation to things and also states, feelings, thoughts, etc. – positive and negative.
The force of separation/splitting then gives rise to a stress field and “magnetic forces” similar to polarity.

Duality - Artificial division and tension through evaluation - An illustration by Hammer-Inspiration²®.

Duality is not natural – created by man

Do you also know people who define themselves by wanting and rejecting things, events, feelings and going through the world by means of willpower instead of flowing in the river of life?
They have created such poles for themselves through evaluation or by giving/assigning meaning to certain aspects. Then the attention (positively or negatively charged energy) for this induces the voltage space.

But are they really just individuals ? Did not each of us enjoy a “good upbringing” in which we were taught what is right and wrong, what we should be and what we should avoid ?
Yes, this happens mostly in the collective and is not always a conscious creation of the individual, but an unconsciously adopted, instilled or even trained / manipulated division and separation into poles like good and evil, right and wrong, right / wrong, success / failure, poor / rich, heaven / hell etc.

Duality has become normality

Since for a large part this is already quite normal and seems almost natural or part of the human being, hardly anyone is aware of it anymore. This is an interesting and comprehensive area for which it is worthwhile to train and expand one’s awareness.

If we become aware of where we have added or attached (unconscious or adopted) evaluations and meanings, we can step out of this unconscious artificial separation and get clarity of what nature things really are.

Distraction from BEING – redirection of attention and energy

Duality is like an artificial distraction from life and from the polarity that makes our life flow and gives us energy.
It is like a disconnection from the flow of life and from ourselves, through artificially created sideshows (two-dimensional spaces) where we fight with and against evaluations and lose energy.

As long as we are busy to evaluate, to interpret, to order, to recognize what is good and evil, we have no “time” to live and BE. We limit ourselves and use our energy to hold ourselves back and separate from US and from LIFE, instead of surrendering to the flow and fullness of life.

We shut ourselves in and shut ourselves out from life, from energy, from consciousness, from knowledge, and from our own truth and memory.

Can you imagine how much energy that takes?

Could this be the reason that life feels so heavy and exhausting at times?

What makes our lives difficult?

Where does the pressure come from?

How dependent do we make ourselves on ratings ?

What happens to us when we constantly evaluate ourselves ?

Do we put the pressure on ourselves to get to the positively valued part of duality?


Out of duality – into BEING and into the flow of life

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Do you like to let go of the pressure, the heaviness, the tension, the evaluations, the dependency and the separation and dive back into the lightness of BEING and surrender to the natural flow of life and movement ?

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