Energetic detoxification ~ natural & relaxed
Detox Session - holistic and relaxed

Unique holistic session by Tanija Hammer


Energetic detoxification ~ natural & relaxed

What do you carry around with you that makes your life or your body difficult ~ that limits you ~ that robs you of energy ~ that is not natural and healthy ?

What would you like to let go of?

What if this can be done in a very simple and relaxed way ? How loving, light and natural can health and freedom be for you ?

Holistic Detox Session

Inspiration of the material & subtle body and the mind to release toxins, addictions, presumptive realities, distraction implants and the sources of tension and disharmonies.

Energetic inspiration to let go

Inspiration of the body and the whole being to let go through energetic treatment, touch, movement, opening and harmonization across all levels of consciousness and physically to the depth of the cells / molecules / DNA.

Detoxify naturally

Natural energetic detoxification, cleansing, purification and liberation.

Detoxify relaxed

You don’t have to do anything – just lie on the massage table and and relax and let go. So loving, light, flowing, natural and relaxed can be letting go and freeing.

Get your personal session

Discover the energetic possibilities for you and your holistic health. Experience the inspiration on your own body!

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The experience and impact from the customer’s point of view

The versatile and actually indescribable effect brilliantly summarized by customers directly after the session:

Stuttgart or hosting worldwide

Unless otherwise agreed, the execution of the session will take place in Stuttgart .
Other cities / countries / continents are also possible – Usually this is organized by hosts. You can find information about current hosting locations here.

Become a host / Hosting

You would like Tanija to come to your city with her session and you have some people who would like to experience this session as well, please contact her at
You are also welcome to become a host and enjoy benefits

The energetic inspiration of the body to let go

You want to detoxify / free your body and mind from:

… unhealthy thoughts and emotions

… unhealthy communication

…unhealthy relationships

… unhealthy weight


… the urge to react

… the urge to perfection

… the urge to presumptive realities

… the urge to consume (out of lack)


… Side effects of medications and vaccinations

… Alcohol, nicotine, environmental toxins ?

Perfect in combination with detox clothes


Detox Session - energetic detoxification holistic and relaxed