Out of duality – into happiness



for natural perfection

With ease into natural balance !

Inspiring, liberating, invigorating symbols from Hammer-Inspiration² ®

Out of duality - into the natural perfect being

Energetic DETOX & DOPING

Inspirational Symbols

Do you like to free yourself from pressure, stressful thoughts and feelings, fears, behavior patterns, inner conflicts and automatic reactions ?

The natural remedy for

Lack, control, struggle, pressure to perform, resistance, division … and other inconveniences and effects of duality.

Detox from duality - doping for BEING

Doping for the senses …
and life makes SENSE again !
Doping for self-love, consciousness and body pleasure.

Detox from RIGHT and WRONG, from perfectionism, from doubt and from digitalization through our dual world (matrix).

22 different symbols

reversing the different effects and manifestations of duality.

Life beyond duality

Detox & Doping with


Inspiration to natural perfect BEING.

Inspiration to Consciousness,
to be free, to be natural and real and to BE alive


Detox from duality and inner conflict.

Liberation from the artificial division and tension, from the evaluations and pressures

Life Beyond Duality - Detox and Doping Symbols by Hammer Inspiration


Doping for your self-confidence, clarity and joy of life

Opening your natural source of lightness of being

Life Beyond Duality - Detox and Doping Symbols by Hammer Inspiration