Water information

Water is life

Water is an energy carrier

Water is information storage

Information of water - natural detox and doping with symbols

Energize, revitalize and inform water

Water is energy ! Water is life !
The terms ” energizingwater” and “water revitalization” are therefore not one hundred percent consistent in their terminology. However, what succeeded without doubt in the most diverse scientific experiments is to inform water.

Water is capable of perceiving all the effects of its environment, absorbing the information and thus changing its structure and properties.

The influences do not have to be physical, magnetic and emotional activations affect the fluid just as much as the energy / vibration of words, symbols, music / sounds, etc.

Information of water - natural detox and doping with symbols

Liquids as storage medium

We can think of water as a storage medium that is constantly absorbing information.
Water is probably the largest known natural store of information of all. Thus, the liquid is composed of more than 400,000 information channels, which in turn directly affect its properties.

Other beverages such as juice, wine, beer, etc. can also store information, change their properties and pass on information.

The energy of symbols in water or drink

DOPING & DETOX DRINK times differently

Imagine, incidentally, while drinking your own water or other beverages, you could release heaviness, raise your vibration and mood, bringing you into natural balance, and drink yourself free and happy …

Yes, it is possible – quite simply and playfully.

You don’t have to inform water just what you want to let go of or what energy you want to integrate. That is, you need something that emits the desired energy / contains the information. This can be a word, a picture, your own intention or symbols.

Symbols and signs are particularly suitable because the energy is very clear and concentrated.

The transfer of symbol information to water / beverages is quite simple and practically incidental.

Hammer inspiration for vitality, health and freedom

Put glass / bottle on symbols

You simply place your glass or bottle with drink on a symbol whose vibration / energetic effect you would like to integrate or use as a key of liberation. Leave it there for a few minutes (5-15 min) or even longer.
The symbol, or rather its energy and effective power, is transferred to the water over time.

As soon as you drink it, it unleashes its energy in you.

Your body is a miracle worker and brings the energy / information exactly where it is needed or can contribute. Your being / consciousness (magic) implements the contained information and frees, regulates, cleanses, supports, brightens, updates or harmonizes accordingly.

Natural Detox & Doping

You get a natural doping and/or you can detox and let go in a simple way.

Natural Detox & Doping – without side effects, without time out, without residues – simple and ingenious.

Drinking into the natural balance

Naturally and simply alongside

Suitable symbols for Detox & Doping

There are a lot of symbols, signs and codes that can be used for this: Interference suppression codes, sacred geometry, purification symbols, I Ching, Gaia codes, runes, healing signs, etc.

The signs of Sacred Geometry are particularly suitable – they are the language of nature and have the original energy and information of all being in them. The stroke and geometric shapes act like switches to get the life energy flowing again or to activate the self-regeneration power. You can remember the body / total organism as it was originally meant.

The special detox symbols of Hammer-Inspiration²® can also be used for this purpose. They are a natural means of liberation from stressful thoughts and feelings, tensions, fears, inner conflicts, addictions and problems of our time. (duality)

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Products with symbols to use directly for your inspirational drink:

Beer coasters with various liberating & invigorating symbols

Beer coasters with Detox symbols as natural doping


Just put glass on it and drink – besides detoxify, liberate, revitalize and become happy….

The inspiration to let go of tensions and problems of our time such as pressure to perform, tension, resistance, lack, divisive evaluation and other discomforts.

DropStop for the energetic refinement of wine & water

Edel DropStop - Energetic refinement of water and wine


E nergetic
D oping
e nhances
L ust of Life

Noble golden dropstop refined with symbols of sacred geometry (Metatron cube) and more. Just put it on the wine bottle or water bottle and enjoy refined energized drink.

The inspiration to joy, clarity, love, pleasure and energy flow while drinking.