The booster for your creation and awareness

Questions are the key to your awareness

Questions - The key to awareness and the booster for your creations - Hammer Inspiration

Questions creates awareness …

Ask and you shall receive …

Everything is a question of the question …

Questions - The key to awareness and the booster for your creations - Hammer Inspiration

Questions are the booster for your creation

If everything were possible and allowed …

What would you ask for ?

What would you like to have or be in your life ?

The energy and magic of asking questions

Do you want to become the magnet of your heart’s desire ?

Questions bring you to your truth.

Asking creates miracles

Questions connect you with all BEING.

Questions change the world.

Questions bring you into resonance with everything that suits you.


Questions create awareness.

Questions give you access to your inner knowledge.

Questions open up new possibilities.

Questions unlock memories.

Questions can even create a whole new reality.


Questions are creating, Answers are limiting

“The power to create something new begins with the permission to no longer have an answer.”

Tanija Hammer

questions are creating - answers are limiting - boost your creations with asking

When do you start asking ?

Here are a few inspirations:

Asking Creates Miracles - Book with 1000 questions and infinite possibilities from Tanija Hammer

Asking Creates Miracles – The Book of 1000 Questions and Infinite Possibilities

Please, so you are given – ask and experience the answer !

This book contains only questions and is the springboard that will catapult your life, love and work into a new dimension and make you the director of your life and true creator.

ISBN-13 ÔÇÄ978-3752814408

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or directly and for download here

Hammer inspiration and creation with questions - The audio book of 1000 questions and possibilities

Hear the questions resonate … – The auditory experience of the book “Questions create miracles”.

1000 Questions That Empower – Create 1000 Possibilities
This audiobook does not contain a single answer, it contains only questions.

Intuitive doer for creators and those who want to become creators.

About the audio book “Asking Creates Miracles

Questions for every day - Ask yourself freely - create in the process

Daily inspiration with questions to listen to – on the side consciously

Questions that open up new possibilities every day
professionally and privately – and make you more aware and creative

Questions that make your day more aware, lighter, richer, loving or relaxed.
Who asks daily experiences more, knows more, perceives more and creates more !

Click here for
“30 questions for every day”

Hammers inspiration to ask questions ! Questions create awareness, future and sometimes miracles