Detox Fat Pad

Energetic Fat Loss Injection
Fat Pad Detox -. Energetic fat-loss injection - slim in a heartbeat

The Easy & Relaxed Alternative to Get Rid of Fat


Energetic Fat Loss injection

What if the dissolution of fat deposits is possible without sports and without interventions ?

What if you can become slim in a “heartbeat”, “twist of a hand” or at the “laying on of hands” – simply and relaxed?

What body shape would you choose if it could be modeled energetically?

Unique new development

Here is a brand new and phenomenal way to lose fat cells, feel lighter and give your body a new shape without surgical or aesthetic medical intervention.

Drain heaviness & fat deposits

Release of stored energies in fat cells. Release & reset of misshapen cell structures. Inspiration of the body to let go.

Slim in a heartbeat

The energetic fat-loss injection is a manual treatment and energetic injection & transformation without actual intervention – natural & relaxed – painless & limitless.

Get your personal session

Feel the beauty vibes and how your fat pads melt …

Hammer Inspiration - Inspiration Clothes - Energetic Finished Clothes

Holistic Inspiration to Lightness

The bio-energetic treatments take place in a specially equipped room, which itself radiates beauty vibes and optimally supports the physical changes. This room is part of a time-out apartment for living beauty & lightness in Stuttgart and can be booked for overnight stays and after-work or as a personal beauty retreat if needed.

Beauty treatments in the Time-Out Room for Living Beauty & Lightness - Hammer Inspiration for Rejuvenation and Dream Figure

DETOX FAT PAD in the Room for Living Beauty and Lightness


Detox Session - energetic detoxification holistic and relaxed

Perceive & BE more

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